Tuesday, May 05, 2009


Yup...... TePe is the name of my new venture. I have at last decided to venture into the world of business....... in the worst recession in living history !!! I must be mad. The way I look at it though is if we ( Me and my 2 partners ) can make this work during these difficult times then things should start to really open up for us when we all emerge from these dark economic times.
Tepe is a Swedish company that makes really top quality Oral hygiene products. The first product that we are going to start with are the interdental brushes. Basically they are miniaturised bottle brushes that one can use to clean in between the teeth. They are bloody good as I have been using these particular brushes for some years now. The trick is going to be how to persuade the Indian consumer to part with their money. The fact is that only 5%of the British population uses these particular brushes......my understanding is that they are a dedicated bunch of people as they will buy 1 packet of 8 brushes per month. 1 pack costs 4 pounds. Thats 48 pounds per year. Multiply that by the number of people buying being 5% of say 60 million is.....err.... 3 million. 3 million multiplied by 48 equals. 144 million pounds. !!! The distributer takes about 20 percent of this....28.8 million pounds !!
My point is that in India if we can even penetrate just 1 % of the population we are talking in excess of 10 million people !!! The figures are astounding. I gotta get this one right and the potential is limitless. !! Lets see how it goes.

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