Sunday, July 29, 2012

In a quiet corner

Well..... Bahrain airport is nice and quiet. I have found myself a little spot and am waiting for a flight at 01.50 to take me into Doha.

Healthy Smiles India has just finished a show in Delhi. I was quite encouraged by the level of custom we received. It is still not where it should be but in these difficult times when we have had to increase our prices that are already the most expensive in the market we were still able to make some sales. Understanding how to make sales in India is still a mystery to me. I am passionate about the products that we have and so I think it is that that helps to sell the product. How I am going to engender that same passion into our sales staff I am not sure as they will surely need it.

Just another rambling...... it has been long enough !

Peace and love


Blogger natashaserena said...

finally! keep writing :D love tasha xx

7:10 AM  
Blogger natashaserena said...

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