Sunday, August 12, 2012

Closing Ceremony 2012 One World

One cannot underestimate the power of sport.
Today was for me a little window on utopia that was the closing ceremony of the Olympics. All creeds, all colours, people from all corners of the world together in celebration. A feeling of real optimism washed all over me and at times my hair was on end.

How can we capture this atmosphere and bottle it ?

More importantly how can we capitalize on this pure feeling of goodwill to all and help heal the very real and very deep wounds that exist in our society.

In a time of global strife, this event, if only for a few hours, gave substance and meaning to the word hope :)

Thank You London. Thank You World :)

Peace and Love


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Sanj,

Just keeping up to date with your blog. I always like to check in every now and again. It's always entertaining.

Hope you and family good. Catch up soon mate.

take care


4:23 AM  

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