Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Chez Nini....More like Chez No no !

I know I know I know,

Long Long time since I wrote. I had to write as I wanted to comment a little on the Delhi culinary scene. Anyone who even half knows me knows I like my food and Delhi is getting better and better at doing restaurants. That is mostly not in all cases.

Take for example a new place called Chez Nini in Meher Chand Market... not far from Lodhi market. This is a cute little cafe with quite a nice ambieance and interesting ceiling decoration. Unfortunately the owner must think that that is all that is required to have a good restaurant. HELLOOOOOOO the food needs to be good too. ! I tried only one thing and that was the caramel and chocolate tart.

Now ..... if you are gonna charge me Rs 650 for a small tart I expect, without exception for that to be the best tart in Delhi. This is where Chez Nini becomes Chez Nooo Nooo ! All I could taste was salt. Salt Salt Salt.!! I must add at this point that I had ordered this tart to take away or "to go" for any of my american friends out there, therefore making it difficult to complain as I ate this at my home which is a fair distance from Chez No No ... I mean Nini. Besides as I mentioned... if the owner has the nerve to charge me Rs 650 for a small tart I would expect that tart to have been nurtured like a new born baby in order that it gives its customer a gloriously sumptuous, rich and smooth experience..... BUT alas the SALT ! I won't go and complain... lets see how they go charging prices like these for something I can get at half the price in Choclolat or some other place.... AND have a much better tasting tart.

I do love tarts :)

Peace and Love 


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13 months and counting - time we had another update


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