Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thank you CPFC..... Again !

At the risk of this becoming a football focussed blog I have to tell you the circumstances of how the result reached me.

Everton vs Crystal Palace at Goodison Park no less, was a late kick off, so India time at midnight. Being the slightly old ( Please note "Slightly";) fogey I went to bed not able to stay up thinking that I would wake up and check the scores on the BBC website as early as I could.

As luck would have it I stirred at about 2am just as the game was finishing. I picked up my phone to check the score....... I kid you not I had to rub my eyes, blink, rub my eyes again and blink again as I simply could not believe the score. Crystal Palace did over Everton at Evertons home ground........ 2-3. OUTSTANDING :)

The most memorable thing about all this is that I called my Dad straight away to chat with him about it as I knew he would have either watched it or kept a close eye on it. All I could hear on the other end of the phone was my Dad giggling.... :)) He giggled and giggled.

Marvellous !

Peace and Love


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