Wednesday, May 28, 2014

So many new restaurants

In the last few weeks Roochi and I have been to several new restaurants in Delhi.
Some of them very fancy (and expensive !)

Akira Back at the J W Marriott near the airport was one I was looking forward to with great anticipation. They do a kind of Japanese/western fusion.Unfortunately the food we were served was really below par. For main course I had ordered the pan fried salmon. What came was a dry tasteless sorry piece of fish. It was so bad that I had to complain. To their credit my complaint did make it back to the chef who then came out to meet with me and apologize.
Jason the executive chef 100% agreed that the salmon was very overdone and dry. He then went back into the kitchen and personally cooked up another salmon for me. Well .... what came out was very different to the first one. Perfectly cooked tasty and melt in the mouth. Beautiful.... Thanks Jason I hope you have been able to kick the other chefs to get the very best product out.

This is an expensive place to eat so if you do not think your food is cooked properly you must complain. There is nothing worse than going home having spent a fortune and not feeling fulfilled.

Benihana the famous global chain of Tempanyaki eateries has opened in Delhi :)) It is located in what I think is the busiest computer market in Asia.... Nehru Place.
Woo Hoo. I took Roochi and Nikhil there for our 21st wedding anniversary.(I did not make a mistake it was our 21st wedding anniversary !)
I cannot complain about this place at all. The formula was exactly the same as anywhere else in the world. The only difference is that they do not do beef. We opted for the New Zealand lamb instead. It was gorgeous. Tender, tasty and cooked exactly how I like my lamb (medium). They had all the other items that comes with the meal such as a very crunchy salad with their signature dressing, miso soup, rice and what I always like, and invariably need more of, is the dipping sauce........ YUM ! As is also usual the chef was most entertaining which adds a little extra to the evening.

Again not cheap but for a special occasion worth it.

Got more places to talk about but no time at the moment.
Heading off to London on Monday... Woo Hoo :)

Peace and Love


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