Saturday, December 31, 2005

Just a couple of pics that I took on Christmas day. Roochi, myself, Natasha and Nikhil went to a hotel down the road for christmas lunch. We do not have an oven at home yet so not easy to do the turkey there. I should have tried though as the turkey was bloody aweful at the restaurant:)

We did have a lovely afternoon though. Apart from the turket the rest of the choice from the buffet was excellent.

I quite like the pic with Roochi and Nikhil almost looks like Nikhil is enjoying a beer.......:)

Have a great evening.

Friday, December 30, 2005

Phew !!! Just made it back alive. The traffic was literally deadly tonight. I think everyone is practising for new years eve tomorrow.

I am not quite sure how to introduce this blog. I suppose I should explain.....?

I am born and bred in London and have decided to move to Delhi, which is where I am now. This blog is to help me to share my experiences and thoughts on how different,
Cold.........( I am sure there are several descriptive words more that I could use )
life is over here.

It is in part thanks to my dear friend Akash in Hong Kong who started his blog that gave me the incentive to do the same. Thanks Bob ;)

To all of those who know me, please please please do comment on what you read. Ask me questions anything. I will try and keep this updated regularly.

Happy New Year One and all.