Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beardo Beardo !!

More like Weirdo :)

Yes I have grown a beard...... I think I like it. It is not the first time I have grown a beard but it has been some while since I last grew one. It is the first time that I have had so much grey hair sprouting out of me though:( Oh well grow old gracefully eh.
Speaking of beards..... the film 300. The story about the 300 spartans who defended Greece against a massive Persian army in something like 400 B.C. BRILLIANT. It is not the first time this story has been put to celluloid but it is definitely the best. Dunno if anyone has seen it but if you have not ..... it is a must see. I think it is made by the same guy who made Sin City. The only problem I had watching it here in Doha is that it was heavily censored. They seemed to keep in all the bloody violence ( of which there was loads ) but cut out all the other bits that are associated with the rather debauched times that were also to be had. Oh well !! Having said that.... I still really enjoyed it. Movie of the year for me so far.

Peace and Love

Saturday, March 24, 2007

That's My Boy :)

I have not posted a picture if Nikhil recently and as I have one to hand I might as well share it with you.

I am missing being around the kids at the moment.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Nicola :))))

My dear dear Nicola,

It is always so good to hear from you. For anyone who does not know Nicola and I were at Ravensbourne together and also lived in Gipsy Hill together as flatmates for a while.
It has to be said that you were very patient with Rick and myself Nicola :)) Thankyou.
To answer you question regarding the Photo of "The Bandlish Boys". Going from the top and going anti-clockwise. Top is me Dad..... to the left is Bobby.... at the bottom is little ( or not so little :)) Jay and to the right is ME :)))

When I hear from you Nicola it does give me more motivation to carry on the blog. Thanks for reading.

I am currently back in Doha..... AGAIN. I have started to lose count at the number of times I have been here but it has to be said it is a very good freelance job here so I would be silly to say no to it. Roochi and the kids are herewith me for a few days as well so it is quite a nice little holiday for them.

We also get to see some amazing cars here which Nikhil in particular enjoys.

Peace and Love

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Bloody Hell !!!

Time is flying !!! Even Natasha and Nikhil agree..... and they are at school !! We have been in India for 15 months now. I do not know why but I am finding it a little hard to get the motivation to write on the blog. I have been quite busy over the last few months but at the same time I have alot of periods at home.

I am doing the kids school runs and all there coordination for school and feeding them and all that. "Where is Roochi" you might well ask.... well she appears to be picking up some momentum with the business. It seems that the word has finally got out that there is a woman in Delhi who knows how to fit women for bras properly :) You know I still cannot believe my luck. I just hope she continues with building the momentum so that I can retire and be a consultant to a lingerie company ;)

I have made many good friends in Doha since I have been going there. I have been reflecting on my experiences there and I think the most positive thing about it is the multicultured department that I work in. Never have I worked with so many people from different backgrounds. MCR in Aljazeera is by far the best department there based on that fact alone. Of course we are the best at what we do too :)

Below is Natasha looking fab...... A little too fab actually. :)) I am going to have to start watching out for boys trying to chat to her and all that.

The next one is of THE BANDLISH BOYS on tour in Goa :)


Peace and Love