Monday, July 19, 2010

I am finding that these days I am bashing India a hell of a lot when just generally chatting to people. India does deserve a good bashing. I have also made sure that I balance the bashing by higlighting the positives.

More so than ever though, I am worried that the Commonwealth games will be a debacle. Even staunch Delhiites who up until a few months ago were confident that Delhi would put on a good games are now doubtful. Just today there was an article in the Hindustan Times about how one of the venues has "Collapsed". It is one of the shooting venues and with less than 3 months to go how the hell is that going to be fixed in time.... that during the monsoon as well. ?? It is time that the people responsible for this mess stood up and held themselves accountable. Still in this so called modern India people in power take money and that will be the undoing of these Games. Why Why Why can things not be properly planned. India has such a wealth of intellectual talent but that talent is squashed by the bureacracy.

Now to balance that..... only a couple of days ago we were priviledged to be part of a tree planting ceremony just near our house. There is a programme to plant many hundreds of trees where we live. It was attended by many Professors of Delhi university who only cared to do the right thing. They were well informed and helped to motivate us to do the right thing. Below is a picture of one of the professors with Nikhil planting.

For the professors who were there, money had nothing to do with this event they spoke clearly and passionately about the benefits of what we were doing that day. Had this project got into the hands of the beauracrats they would have found a way to extract money. We need more of these protected initiatives.

Peace and Love

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

T3 theory

Delhi is getting a brand new international terminal soon >>> WooHoo. It looks big and is being hyped up alot.
Just a few days ago it was formally inaugurated by the Indian PM with all the fanfare. They announced on that day that it would be open to interenational flights on the 14th July.
Then just yesterday that date has been put back until the 28th July. Seems a bit short notice to me... I wonder if the heavy rain that we have had over the last couple of days has leaked through the roof into the main terminal??? They have not told us yet what the reason is.

I wonder.....

Peace and love

Monday, July 05, 2010

Football has finally Arrived

It looks like it anyway.
I was out a couple of nights ago to watch Germany v Argentina in the quarter finals at a restaurant cum bar in a mall just round the corner from me. What greeted me when I entered was a sight I did not expect. The place was absolutely packed with people wearing football shirts most of whom were there to support Argentina.!! The noise was deafening and the atmosphere was actually quite fun, especially as I was supporting Germany ;) hehehe. What I did notice which made me laugh was as the game went on and it started to become a possibility that Argentina were going to lose some of the supporters there started to change their loyalties. So these people in Argentina shirts were now cheering for Germany. Glory hunters ;) I reckon that this particular bar should theme itself on football as I am sure by the looks of it they made a good profit that night. Up until then I have not ever seen it so busy and in fact I had wondered how much longer it would survive. At least football has had another winner out of this.

Peace and love