Sunday, January 14, 2007

I had no idea !!

I think a little pat on the back to myself is in order. I did not notice until today that my last post was my 50th !!! Wey hey. !!

Am still in Doha but only have a couple of days left before I go home. It has been pretty busy at work for one reason or the other. A good thing I did was paid a visit to watch the Qatar Masters Golf this morning. It is the first time I have been to watch golf live and found it to be quite entertaining. I think I got lucky though..... I was the only spectator at the first Tee !!! Well me and my fellow spectator Anne. I could not believe that I was watching golfers such as Ernie Els, Sergio Garcia, Darren Clarke and others and there was no one there!!! I mean no one??!!After a little while a few people turned up but the most number of on any one hole was ...... ooooh errrrr 20 !!! Hmmmm I wonder if I got on the telly ??

Peace and Love

Saturday, January 06, 2007


Happy New Year....... 2007 !!!

Last year was probably the fastest year of my life. No sooner had it started ..... it ended !!! Whats more we have now been living in India for 14 months now!!! 2006 took me to Doha a place I never thought I would ever visit. It has, however, been a great experience. The weirdest thing about it is the fact that I knew so many people when I walked into the facility. In Doha....the middle of the desert ???

This year is going to be another tumultuous one. The Honourable Richard Bagnall is to wed his fair lady Lucy.... an event I am so looking forward to. Roochi's nephew Nimit is marrying in April in the north of India. My cousin is marrying in Feb in a city called Chandigarh, A new town partly designed by the architect Corboisier ( Spelling ??).

My apologies for not having passed on festive wishes..... but let me now take this opportunity to wish everyone a successful, loving, fruitful and peaceful new year.

More very soon :)

Peace and Love