Thursday, December 13, 2007

Great Acts...

What is it that makes people sacrifice ..... or ..... what appears to ordinary people like me sacrifice so much in life in order to chase the greater good ??? I do not think that the people doing these things think that they are giving up much in life...... It is what they do !

I am talking about ordinary people. In a time where the growth of materialism seems to have gone hand in hand with the growth in worldly troubles the people who make a difference for the good, generally, have shunned that materialism.

For one to become financially rich would mean that somewhere in that business someone is being taken advantage of ? Generally ! Here we go again... I am mumbling :)

I suppose I am thinking about these things so that I can find some kind of inspiration to make a difference. There again .... what is making a difference ?? In my mind it is doing anything at all that can alleviate the struggles of a fellow person who may not have had the luck to be born into the world with the tools it takes to get by in this world. Can I truely say that I have helped anyone less fortunate than me..... ??? Yes absolutely I can. I just feel that I need to do more to justify having had a decent existence in this world. What and how ... only time will dictate.

Peace and Love

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Where am I ???

The answer to that question literally is easy.... I am in Doha.

I have been travelling a little too much recently and am starting to feel the pinch emotionally hence the question.

Roochi was telling me yesterday that Nikhil needed me to be there as he is not feeling well and has been crying alot. He does not cry easily.... the fact is I too need to have Nilhil around me. We kind of hold each other up when one of us is down.

Natasha with her level head is also a great person to have around when feeling blue. She so empathises with people and is sensitive to their feelings. I was very pleased to also hear that she was the only person in class last week to stand up to a teacher who was unneccessarily critising the children in a most crude manner. Natasha stood up in the class and politely told the teacher that what she was saying was out of order. You go girl !!!

It is with all these things going on at home that makes me think is all this travelling worth it ??? I enjoy the people I work with and I like flying all over the place ..... but.... I want to be at home too. I know that lots of people are in the same situation but if I try hard enough I am sure that I should be able to find something in India to do that would pay reasonably well and also allow me to be at home. I suppose I have been reticent to do anything work wise in India but I think the time has come for me to do something for myself there.

I am arriving back in Delhi on the 1st Jan 2008. It is a new year and I will pledge to establish something in India before the year is out. I hope this is no idle pledge. I can be lazy about things sometimes and quite often am ready to sit on my laurels and let things come to me. I have been lucky up until now.... It is time to shake things up a bit.

Peace and Much Love