Thursday, February 19, 2009

A TV A TV My Kingdom for a TV......

Hehe. Yes I have got a Television ! It has been 10 years that we have not had a television in our house and I have now bought what I feel to be the best tv that money can buy !! So yes I have given my kingdom for a tv.
I bought a Sony Bravia X-series 40 inch LCD. Woo Hoo. I have also got a DVD player with an HDMI output so even my standard definiton DVD's look amazing. The kids don't know what has hit them. Nikhil my son does not undersatnd what it means to have a tv in the house. He was not even born when we got rid of our last one !
Roochi is not very happy. She wanted to keep our house a TV free house and I do understand that but at the end of the day we do need one in the house. I need one in the house.....
Peace and Love

Monday, February 02, 2009

The weather ........ hehehe

I am sorry about this but I believe that it is snowing in London right now. ? Could someone please tell it a lovely scene or is it miserable? I have no doubt that it is miserably cold.

My kids are asking. They seem to miss the snow. I however do not, unless of course it means that I am on the slopes of Val D'isere or something.

Peace and Love