Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Great Blog

Highly Highly recommended for a great read and an insight into the family life of the MacDaddy please do go and read

I know that again it has been a while since posting. It's simple.... I just do not feel like it sometimes !!

I have so been meaning to post about my favourite steakhouses in the world, About those greedy mother f&^%$s on wallstreet, about Ladakh, about how I do not think that Delhi will be ready for the commonwealth games in 2010. Plus loads of other things.

I am now in Doha so shall collect my thoughts and start to put a few things down on the server.

Peace and Love

Oh yes another good blog is she has been writing about her travels in India some good some bad.... mostly bad I am sorry to say.... Oh well, will India ever be up to being a civilsed super power ??