Monday, May 14, 2007

And the Photos !

Peace and Love

Life as I know it has ended

Well..... I did write a blog about Nikhils birthday yesterday and about how he got a PSP for his birthday and that I was going to use it during the day as his school does not alow these things. But when it came to publishing it I lost the whole thing. So this is the short version.

MTNL get your F*&king act together and sort out my internet you crap bunch of lazy B$%^*£$ds!!

I will post this and then put a couple of photos up later if this is successful.

Peace and Love (even to MTNL)

and thanks all for the good wishes to Nikhil

Monday, May 07, 2007

MOS....... In Delhi ???

Not only has Simos Moss visited Delhi this week. The Ministry of Sound has also opened up too. Woo Hoo. A decent late night club to go to in Delhi. Up until now the licencing laws have been very strict in that no matter what day od the week and no matter if you are a nightclub or a bar you have to chuck people out by midnight. BOO I say. I am not sure how but the guys have managed to wangle a later drinking licence and do not have to throw people out until about 4 in the morning :)) This by Delhi standards is almost unheard of but most welcome.

The club itself is also a marvel. It is a mini Luxor (Pyramid hotel in Las Vegas) A fully glass pyramid which has been built as a dedicated party venue. All the good and the great of Delhi have started going there and I must say I was most impressed. For those of you that know me you will know that I have been to a club or 2 in my time. Those that know me have probably been to a few with me..... :)) I can safely say ..... that as far a dedicated party /club spaces go this has got to be one of the most impressive I have seen anywhere. So..... even more reason for any of you guys to visit. :))

Otherwise things are plodding along nicely. We seem to get the odd day of respite from the heat. When the heat is on though there is one drink that I cherish...... an ice cold glass of water. I just now had one and it is about 10:30 pm over here. I loved every sip. Weird how one appreciates these simple things...... :))

Peace and Love

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

I know ..... I know

Yup I officially acknowledge..... I am rubbish at writing this thing regularly !! I keep meaning too .... there have been several times I have been at the computer started writing and something or the other happens to distract me.

Anyway. I am home. It is good to be home. The last few weeks have shot by. I cannot believe it is May already. My son is going to be 8 already!! It only seems like a couple of years ago that I cut his cord and freed him into the world !!

There is so much I want to write, I just don't know were to start. I shall gather my thoughts for the next entry and give you something slightly more interesting to read. So in the mean time have a couple of photos instead. Again they are of the wedding we went to a couple of weeks ago.

Peace and Love and Peace ....... Please George !