Sunday, November 02, 2008

You Give Me Fever

Fever...... in the morning .... Fever all through the night.

Yes the US election fever is certainly reaching a crescendo. This time round I am looking forward to it for one good reason. The end of the Bush reign. The reign of a leader that even if he tried could not have messed up the world more than he has.

It has been a very busy time here in Al Jazeera in the run up to the election. They have 27 live positions set up for election night .... and counting ! I strongly urge anyone who reads this to check out the coverage on election night starting from 22.00 GMT on the 4th Nov. If all goes to plan Al Jazeera will blow the competition out of the water !

Of course Al Jazeera are at an advantage in that I am sure that there is a virtually limitless supply of money being poured into the election project but it is not all about money. You have to have the right people involved to make this kind of project come to fruition. I am quite excited to be here in the Master Control Room of the news station that will bring the best coverage of the election to the world ! Not bad methinks :) And I get paid too ;)

I have just read a most critical but honest and insightful entry on the blog of a friend of mine. . Please do try and read it.

Also ... for a most amusing and well written view on life as a father to 3 kids (one of whom is brand new) goto .

Peace and Love