Monday, April 16, 2007

Oh Yes

And here is one of me with my beard !!! Since shaved off I might add :)
Peace and Love


Monday, April 09, 2007

Me........At the Golf club.. ???

Well Laa-dee-daa. I have been playing golf don't you know. I am not very good at the moment but I am starting to get the taste for it. Doha golf club is open to the public and has a very nice 9 hole academy course which includes a par 5 hole. The company was great, the weather perfect and we had no one behind us to tell us to hurry up !! :)

Below is a photo of the full crew at AlJazeera MCR. It is not often we are all together so I jumped at the opportunity of getting a photo taken. Thankfully Richard had his camera on hand.

Clockwise from the back left is Brice (France), Ahmed (Egypt), Anne (Scotland), Richard (Shropshire), Matthew (Wigan), Fredrhenn (Philippines), ME,
Saud (India) and Srinivasa (India). A great crew and a fantastic bunch of people to boot. I shall be sad to leave. We are missing one other person in this photo ... and that is Mohamed who was a strong member of the crew but has sadly left the department to go to engineering. Your spirit is in the photo Mohamed !!!

Peace and Love

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Just a night time view of Doha from the Intercontinental for you courtesy of Mr Matthew Pryer.

Peace and Love