Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Amazing Video

Have just stumbled accross an online video of the 2004 breakdance olympics. I have never seen such athletisism. It is about 15 mins long but you will have never seen anything like it before.

Peace and Love

Health and Wealth

I am trying to strike a balance here. My time in India was spent getting fit and healthy. I was able to do it because I had all the time I needed to do that. Now I am in London earning money in order to give me that time in India but I am getting a bit unhealthy again. I have not played squash since I left Delhi I have not been for a swim since I left delhi.

I think it is worth it but I am not sure.

I have got a game of squash booked with Nelson tomorrow. He is bound to do me over big time but it is always a good run around. It will also make me feel alot less guilty about not having done any excersize since I have been here.

Carnival is next week. Can't wait.

Peace and Love

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Go Kofi Go Kofi

Kofi Anan. Now he is the man. Somehow his voice although soft and gently spoken is able to tear into the gloss and self congratulatory bullshit of the other nations who have gone out of their way to help delay any possibility of a cessation of peace earlier in the Lebanon/Israel conflict. At least it is there now and Mr Anan made sure he put those responsible for elongating, and in my mind even aggravating the situation, in their place.

If it was not for the smear campaign that was waged upon him last year when his son was accused of corrupt practises his voice may well have been heard earlier. What was on the agenda of the powers that be when they decided to smear him as much as they did. I remember it being a virtual free for all. Shameless behaviour......absolutely shameless.

Natasha, Nikhil and Roochi.........


Peace and Love

Friday, August 11, 2006

Yes it is Ugly

War War War War ad infinitum. That is all we are hearing about.
I would like to draw you to Bobbys Blog where an intelligent debate is going on regarding the goings on in the middle east. I have not got involved as I do not want to get drawn to any one side but I have read with interest what is being written. I urge you to read the comments especially.

As for this airport business..... can somebody please explain to me why....if the security services had been keeping tabs on these "cells" had the authorities not subtly upgraded security at the airports over a period of time. It seems that they knew something was going on so why make a huge song and dance about it all of a sudden.....I will tell you why. To scare people.....just like they have done to the american public, they are trying to do the same here. The anti war lobby is growing and the case for war is being broken down. Events like this help scare people back into submission and acceptance of this sickeneing war for power and oil. Let us not be deluded. Agreed, Israel has a different agenda and that is of self preservation and they know they are wrong they know it, to take so many innocent lives. BUT....... when it comes down to it they don't have much land and they are protecting their own. I know they cannot stand the fact that they have to kill loads of innocents. I am already starting to vere off sorry.

The powers that be must really think that we the public are stupid. I am so happy to have moved to India to be away from all this rubbish. While I am in the UK I will have to put up with it.

I miss my babies.

Peace and Love

Monday, August 07, 2006

Life in London

Sorry I have not posted in a while. I have been in London for the last 6 weeks. Roochi and the kids are back in Delhi now, which means I am on my own :((

I am starting to feel quite himesick. I miss the kids and Roochi. I am putting on weight again.....bugger. But looking at it when I go back I will seriously be able to kick back. I cannot wait !

It has been good spending time with Dad and mum and seeing Jay every now and then.....he seems to have a really busy schedule these days too. Bobby and Gita and the kids have gone away on holiday so have not seen much of them.

I am still hoping to get to play some squash soon. I should be getting my racket back tomorrow.

It appears that "Love Island" is still not doing very well in the ratings. I agree it is not a format that I would watch but I am sure it will build up more of an audience when big brother finishes. There are people who I know would not watch the program but when they happen to stumble across it while surfing do stick with it for a little while.....so....I think the bait is working for ITV. For what it is worth I am glad Chris is still in but I wish he would stop saying "Shet" instead of "Shit" I like Brendon too, he is very upfront. Out of the girls Kelle and Colleen are the coolest, Colleen being the most sexy by far :))
I think that putting 6 single guys and 6 single girls from a normal background, ones who would go to Ibiza for a holiday would make better "shag tv" if that is what ITV are looking for. You would definitely get more relationships building and I am sure a couple of weddings out of it, which would make for good TV audiences and follow on programs. I have got lots of ideas on this kind of thing if any ITV execs are reading this ;)) Especially as Mr Allen is leaving soon :))

I went to a wedding in Krakow over the weekend. Mark and Danusia the bride and groom truely laid on a most memorable day for all those who attended. Thanks Mark.
I highly recommend Krakow to anyone as a most romantic of destinations. You have to stay in a hotel called the "Pod Roza" translates to under the rose. It is magical !!

Love you and miss you Roochi, Nikhil and Natasha

Peace and Love to all