Thursday, March 30, 2006

CKP Lingerie Boutique

It's open for business. Roochi's Lingerie Boutique is open for customers :)

The week has started immensely well and we are hoping that the word will spread fast. So far all customers have left with goods in one hand and a bunch of promotional materials in the other ready to spread the good word. It has been a slog to get this far but she is finally there.
Alot of guys are saying to me " you lucky bugger" and stuff like that, but believe me, when there is a gaggle of ladies in the house waiting to be sized up I would much rather be somewhere else. Preferably a nice quiet pub with a cold beer in hand and some good company. Honest ;)

I will keep you all updated as to how Roochi is getting on with the business.

Peace and Love

Friday, March 24, 2006

Trying to work it out ?

I have been trying to make sense of how things work here. It is not as easy as it may seem. There are the beneficial things such as maids and drivers etc. (actually our maid just left us ( On the big corporate front such as mobile operators and airlines things are actually quite good. You can book tickets and hotels online. You can get yourself a mobile with very little hassle. Restaurants are getting better and better, the service is good on the whole. BUT when it comes to getting something like a tube light fixed in the house it seems to be alot more of a problem. The bloke will come once and say he has fixed it. The next day it won't work.... he will come again and then he will say it is fixed but again it will not work. It is not coz he is trying to rip me off.....I think that he is trying to do the job really quickly so that he can get to the next job and therefore makes mistakes. In England electricians and plumbers usually have a few jobs on the go but they seem to get the job done and get rewarded quite handsomely for it. In India they have to have a few jobs on the go because they get paid so little. I would like to say I will pay more for a better job .... but I am not convinced that I will get a better job done. It is little things such as this that will and maybe is starting to hamper real progression through all the classes living in India. I think it is a lack of pride in doing the job. But hey like I said I am still trying to work it out.

Anyway here is a photo

The above was taken at the National Rail Museum in New Delhi. Highly recommended if you are looking for a day out with the kids. There is not much of this sort of thing in Delhi so I reckon we may have to visit this place a few times. They both enjoyed it and that is what counts.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Problems !

I have been trying over the last couple of days to post a couple of photos without much luck. Sorry for not having posted for a while. Me old mucker Baggie is in town at the moment and we have had a very pleasant time. He and his good lady Lucy over the last 2 and a half weeks have been to,

Bhopal ( attending a big wedding )
Dehradun (Chilling)
Haridwar (Religious observations)
Rishikesh (White water was wicked :)
Missourie (The views of the mountains)
Agra ( The romantic/soppy bit)
Ranthambore (Tiger spotting)
Jaipur. ( Palaces )

Not bad :)

Peace and Love

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Coq au Flu ???

Bird flu has hit India. Oh my god. I will have to stop eating chicken for the next 200 years or else I might die.....;)

I was out for dinner the other day with a doctor from Delhi. His view was identical to many of those in Delhi and that is avoid chicken at all costs.
CODSWALLOP I told him. I have still been eating chicken and loving it .... especially as it is cheaper than anything else at the moment as no one is eating it. The favourite food of delhiites is no more.
" What...." the doctor said "you have eaten chicken " I promise this was said in all serious. This in a country where nobody really looks when they are crossing the road. Nobody really pays attention to the traffic lights when driving. The roads and pavements are full of gaping hole to fall down and die in. People hang off buses as if they are trapeeze artists. Yet..... they will not eat chicken. It is kinda funny.
The likelyhood of catching bird flu is negligible. Make sure it is cooked well. Simple :)

Peace and Love