Sunday, February 26, 2006

A photo

It has also been mentioned that I need to post more photos. You are is one :)

The handsome little devil you see above is my son Nikhil. As you can see he is enjoying his time here in India. I will get a good one of my daughter Natasha for a later post.

Peace and Love

It's a big place.

I have a friend coming over from the UK. Baggie Boy :)) I am so looking forward to seeing him. I have been planning an itinery for him.... It then struck me....blimey this really is a massive country. He is only going to be touching the tip of a huge iceberg with this trip. Coming from the little island of the UK and moving to India has really made me appreciate even more diversity of life. I also discovered that Greater Delhi has a population of ....... 93 MILLION !!!!! Please somebody tell me that is not true.

Apologies for not having posted sooner. I did write a post recently but lost it just as I had finished writing it coz my internet connection went kind of put me in a bad mood to say the least.

Thanks for telling me you read this simple blog Andy you should make some comments as I know you have many a good word in your armoury. In fact you should start a blog about your upcoming responsibility as best man at a certain persons wedding. I am sure it will be most amusing to all who read it.

Peace and Love

Thursday, February 16, 2006


It's been a while since my last post.... I have been enjoying all the jokes about "Dick" and his "Duck". There is Justice :)

Anyway I went to the Delhi motor show the other day and saw a car built in India by a company called Mahindra and Mahindra. On their stand they had a very impressive looking 4 x 4 jeep. One of those ones that can seat 5 people and has an open back. You can buy a top of the range for £10,000. Not bad I reckon. That will give all the other car making nations a run for there money.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

The Weather

You have to give me credit for not mentioning the weather up until now. And at the risk of making a few people a tad envious I have to say that the weather currently in Delhi is absolutely perfect. It is unbroken sunshine all day long with a max temperature of 28/29 Degrees C. At night the temperature goes down to around 10 degrees C. The marble floors in the house are doing the job well and the feeling of walking back into a naturally cooled environment is splendid especially after a long hot afternoon walk.

This is the time of year Delhiites enjoy the most. Walks in the park ( Delhi happens to have alot of wide open park spaces. ) The veg stalls are full of the freshest produce. BBQ's are the latest thing to do here. Just as well I brought mine over from good old Blighty :))
It does not last long though. These weather conditions last for a maximum of a couple of months and then the killer temperatures start and come mid-june we will be looking at temperatures of 45 degrees C everyday for a couple of months. YUCK !

So...... if anyone in London wants to offer me work in London during June July and August.....I am your man. :))

Peace and Love

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Anyone for Cricket ????

You really can tell that the world is changing at a faster pace these days.

I have a window in my study that looks out onto some communal grounds. I would call it a green but alas in delhi I would have to call it a little brown dust patch :)) It's about the size of a five a side football pitch if not a bit bigger.

I look out to it alot. Quite often Nikhil plays there with the other boys in the neighbourhood and I find it re-assuring that I can keep a watchful eye on him every now and then without intruding on his space. What has any of this got to do with cricket you may be asking........well it seems that cricket has been taken over by a different sport for the boys. No longer does one hear the sound of leather against willow or as is more often the case here a tennis ball against willow :))

No what I am am hearing are the charming sounds of "Pass it" or "Hold the ball up" or even as is the way the world over "How did you miss that you stupid ****er" Yes that is right they are all playing footy !!! It's nice in a way that it reminds me of watching Nikhil with his friends back in London. But also sad, as just from this little microcosm of life one can see that India in 10 or 15 years may not be as dominant a force in Cricket as it is today. I may be wrong but I cannot see that the Indian football team winning the world cup any time in the next millenium. No sadly there will be a dilution in the quality of young sporting talent. India is not well known for it's sportspeople despite being the second most populous nation. Still like I said I hope I am wrong.

Besides I am allowed to dream that one day Nikhil will lead the Indian football team to the greatest glory .............. one day :)))

Peace and Love