Monday, March 31, 2008

A nice pic !!

Peace and Love


Somebody really needs to help me out here.... Is it me or is the stock market and in particular the SENSEX in India the craziest stock market in the world ?I mean virtually everyday we are witnessing either a drop of 5 percent or a gain of 5 one day !!! You should read how the papers deal with it here. Actually they don't really deal with it anymore. There is no logic. If you ask me it is actually quite simple. There are some big boys involved here. They are manipulating the market. When the market goes down they buy in and make it look like things are going well. Midway through the day those desperate brokers at the midsize investment companies with alot of local Indians on their books and their backs think they can get in on a bit of profit. Later in the day individual investors come in thinking "hey things are getting better we can make a buck or 2". But.... by then it is too late. The next day, first thing after breakfast the big boys sell up and walk away with a tidy 5 % in one day !! Everyone else .....well....everyone else has lost again ! It is brutal out there I tell you. I must tell you that as yet I have not invested in the stock market here. It is no better than betting on black or red at the roulette table, for the small investor anyway. I wish I had a bit of play money just to see if I can catch the wheel in my favour.
I feel for the people who have put in money in the last couple of months. Not only have they seen their money shrink but worse still there are people making a ton of money on the back of their investments !!!

Peace and Love

Monday, March 10, 2008

Dunno Really !!

It has been a couple of weeks so I thought I had better write about anything just to keep this up. I must mention all the important people who have had or are having or are about to have birthdays. They include Tiana ( my niece ) 5th March. Gita (My sis) 10th March. Bobby ( my bro) 15th March.
Also congratulations Jay on getting your new flat in town. Does this mean you will be walking to work every day ??
I would also like to commend Rick for his interesting comment regarding queues. I do disagree with you Rick. Long may it not continue I think you mean when people push and shove to get to the front of the queue. If you were out here for a bit longer you would see a change in peoples attitude. They no longer put up with queue bargers and those queue jumpers are now regularly banished to the back of the queue. I really do not feel that that is a bad thing.
That all for now.
Peace and Love