Saturday, June 24, 2006

Rafting Pic

Back in Delhi now and frantically packing for London.
Now that I am by my PC and have my camera canle I can post a photo from Rishikesh where we went white water rafting. Bloody good fun it was too. The weather was warm and the Ganges cold. Took a dip in it every now and then to wash away my many sins :)) The view was also something that needs to be seen. In case you are wondering. The young lady with me in the photo on the right is Natasha. Yes.......... she is growing fast.

Peace and Love

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Pillum !

Had a great cinema experience the other day. Went to see a "pillum" in an old style cinema hall in Dehra Dun. Huge it was. About 1000 people in the stalls and about 300 in the Balcony or circle. Packed to the rafters. Whenever the goodies in the movie would come on screen the stalls would errupt with clapping. Whenever a good looking girl appeared wolfwhistles could be heard. The cinema itself was filthy but the atmosphere was classic. At 40 rupees for a circle ticket ( I believe stalls are 20 rupees or about 25 pence) you cannot complain. The movie.....well it was a comedy lifted straight from "Lock stock and two smoking barrels" but in Hindi so catering for a hindi audience. It was fun enough.....but no where near as good as the original:))

Peace and love

Friday, June 09, 2006

The Mountains.

I am currently up in a town called Dhera Dun. It is in the foothills of the Himalayas. We (Roochi the kids and I ) are being so well looked after by Roochis cousins family. I am eating so much that I have to force myself to do a mountain climb every day otherwise I shall ballooon with the amount I am eating. I say mountain climb.....I suppose it is more of a hill climb really but at the top of the climb the view is spectacular. I did bring my camera but I did not bring the software or cable to connect to this computer so apologies for the lack of photos. I am thinking about doing a bit of trekking ! Trekking is something I would never have considered before now as it seemed too much like hard work but now I am really looking forward to doing one. Hopefully I can get a one day trek sorted out before our stay here is done.
We had a debate about god and religion today....... Despite quite a coherant arguement in favour of religion given by our host I find myself to be an entrenched cynic. I have yet to come accross anything that has remotely persuaded me that religion is the "Way to go."
Lead a good life. Be good to the people around you. Help others when you can. Be courteous at all times. (after all it costs nothing). Try not to knowingly hurt anyone. These are the ways to go on in life.
I am still considering starting a cult :))) I know my friend the Archbishop Andy Toms is also interested. I hope your trek in Tibet is going well Archbishop am looking forward to seeing you in London.

Peace and Love