Monday, October 10, 2011

So much happening !

Running your own business really does mean that one does not get a moment to themselves. The toothbrushes thing is starting to take hold at last. We are still not paying ourselves out of it yet but looking at the simmering potential orders and deals we cannot be far off from starting to pay ourselves back even if only modest sums to start with.

I had a very enlightening experience in the form of being invited to the Goa Institute of management  (GIM for short) to deliver a short introduction to my business and then a question and answer session that was supposed to last 40 minutes but went on for one and a half hours !!! This sort of exercise helps to recall all aspects of the business and some that I have overlooked and need to re-visit. The day was so successful that the professor of marketing (a very nice man) asked me if I could give him a job !!! He wanted to be a salesman for us!! :)) hehe.

Of course while in Goa we managed to find ample time to just sit on the beach and go wave bashing. Outstanding beaches in the south of Goa. The sand was soft and powdery and hardly anyone there. Below is the proof.  

That's me with Roochi and Nikhil trailing. The photo credit goes to Natasha who is starting to take a very keen interest in photography :))

Peace and Love