Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Deception Continues...

Are we ever going to be honest about things in the financial world .... ? Methinks not. I was just reading the BBC's business pages and they have replaced the word "Bailout" with "Recapitalisation" It makes it sound like this is a normal thing in financial circles ! For goodness sake... Say it as it is. Bailing out the companies that spent all their money on bad investments because they really did not have any clear idea of what they were buying into as the calculations were so complex. As it turns out the calculations were so complex that the people who made them up did not even know what they were doing coz if they did the world would not be in so much trouble financially as it is............... OR did they know what they were doing ..... ?? So that they could just go ahead and pick up their multi million bonuses....???. You know what... In alot of cases I favor the latter arguement. In the mean time the hard working small shop owner actually.... forget just shop owners.... its everyone apart from the few greedy buggers ... who are struggling and do not get any bonuses for that hard work will not receive a penny in "Recapitalisation".

There you go.... Another rant !!

Peace and Love
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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Best Places in the World to Eat Steak ....

Anyone who knows me knows that I enjoy good food and am quite good at finding it also.

I love a good steak and am going to list the best steak restaurants that I have visited. Note that I do not use the terminology "Steakhouse" I would not want you thinking that I am going to recommend something like the Angus steakhouse on Oxford street or anything like that :)

So on to the list.....In no particular order

1) Binions Ranch "Steakhouse". Ah ..... have had to use the word already, never mind. This place was one hell of a find. I cannot for the life of me remember who it was that recommended it to me but for sure a most memorable evening. Not only was the steak of the very highest quality and cooked to perfection...... but..... the view was unmatched. The restaurant is situated on the 27th floor of this hotel and it is in the downtown area, so at one end of the famous strip. This means that you have the most incredible view of the city of Las Vegas in all its energy wasting glory ! If in Vegas one not to miss.

2) The Gaucho Grill. A much favoured haunt of mine. It is one thing to cook the meat well..... it is also another thing to get high quality meat.....but for me this place has the tastiest steaks of all. The cows have been brought up simply, grazing freely on the famous Pampas grasslands of Argentina. The meat is then flown in fresh to London where it is served up. There are a few branches in London. I usually opt for the Sloane Street branch as it was the first one I visited. The prices are high if you ask me and the staff really push you to order expensive wines which can be a little annoying but apart from that service is good and food always excellent.

3) The Exchange Grill. Now..... you want plush/posh... this is the place. It is in the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai. If you don't know about this hotel all I can say is that it is Funky. They have thought about this one right down to the smallest detail. The chairs are most comfortable....high backed leather arm chairs. The arms of the chairs are just the right height so that you can be cutting into the really very excellent steaks and still be resting your elbows !!! I suppose it has the air of a gentleman's club, without being as stuffy. A great atmosphere ...... a most agreeable place in which to dine on steaks.

4) Bentley's Grill. This place is in the Ramada Hotel in Doha....of all places. One has to say though....these guys have consistently performed. I have been there several times now and not once have I had anything to complain about. Again a little like a gentleman's club I would also say that it is a little highly priced but for the quality of cooking and service there is no better place in Qatar and as I have been to Doha alot in recent years it is a saving grace to have a steak place of such a high calibre to visit.

Well... there you have it. I am reserving the right to add a 5th place but as yet have to decide between a couple of contenders. What I can assure you of is that if you go to any of the places I have mentioned you will have a night to remember.

Let me know your best steak places.

Peace and Love

Monday, December 15, 2008

The Economy

I did a post recently about my theories on how the general public have actually been duped when it comes to the economy. I had a couple of very interesting and intelligent replies from Rick and Sheel. I still however feel duped. This chap Madoff has got away with a 50 Billion.....yes BILLION dollar fraud !! How on earth does someone get away with that. I will tell you how. They have the air of knowing what they are talking about which therefore gives them authority. They then can get away with corporate crime. Simple. This guy got caught. How many people out there are perpetuating the same fraud but getting away with it. With figures like these no one can tell me that this does not have an impact on the common man. It does ! So we come back to my initial thinking. The economy of the world has been built in part ( how big that part is will never be known but in my reckoning I'll bet its a big part.) on pure deceit. I remember telling my in-laws some time ago when they invested heavily with Merril Lynch and lost a greater part of that money that Merril Lynch were using their money to pay off losses previously incurred. Can someone please tell me why the assets of these people/companies cannot be seized and then used to help the economy out. It seems to me that the common man is paying for the economic bailout. It is not affecting the cheats at all. In fact I'll bet they are laughing !!

A bit of a rant I know but comments would be greatly appreciated.
Peace and Love