Monday, July 27, 2009

How things change….

Times are definitely changing for me right now. Can you believe it….. I am a toothbrush salesman !!! Yea that’s right. I am doing an exhibition right now in Delhi that caters to the dental fraternity in India and I have a stand there that is showcasing toothbrushes amongst other things.

I tell you what it is a far cry from being in Vienna enabling the transmission of football matches to the UK for ITV.

I think I am enjoying it though. The appetite for getting things….. anything in India is huge. Not like back in blighty where when ever you meet a salesman one groans and thinks “here we go”.

In India I have found that generally people have shown a great deal of interest in what I have to offer. It also does help me that the product is really well made and I can comfortably use the words “The best in India today” as part of my sales pitch and know that I am not telling porkies.

I must admit I have not been actively looking for TV work but from what I understand there is less and less freelance work which means that this change could have come at the right time. Time will tell but if the first day of the show is anything to go by and if we diligently follow up any and all inquiries this could definitely be a goer. It had better be otherwise I am buggered !!! :)

How things change..

Peace and much love

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Federer and Wimbledon !

Wow..... what a game. It is late in the night here and Roochi the kids and I have witnessed the best Wimbledon final I can remember..... Stunning. Well done Federer. Sport needs more stars like him. Immaculate yet modest.

In contrast though I feel that the All England Tennis Club are not so in tune with the times. Roochi asked me how much the winners get.... ? Naturally I went straight to the internet and discovered that Federer will recieve GBP 850,000. He deserves it certainly. It looks like they have harmonized the winnings so that the ladies winner gets the same amount, they have been getting the same amount for the last three years. ( but for less work....fact !!) What you may not know is that in the year that has seen the worst recession in living memory the money paid out has gone up in real terms more than any other time in the history of wimbledon !!! Not only that.... they are pleased to announce it on their website.

Anyway that was just a little titbit for you.

Below is a picture of a bee I managed to capture doing its thing on this flower. One of my best photos even if I say so myself ;)

Peace and much Love

Saturday, July 04, 2009

So little but so much...

So little MCR work seems to be out there these days...... well.... for a decent rate anyway.

I have been home for nearly seven months now. I still cannot bring myself to work here in India. The woking culture is not conduicive to the way I work. So as you may or may not have have read in a previous post I have started my own business..... Actually I am in the process of starting a second business also. Some of you may know that Roochi has been doing a bespoke rug service. Well the relationship that we have built up with the manufacturer over the years is one of warmth and trust. I mentioned to them in a meeting some months ago about the possibility of clearing unwanted stock. At the time they did not seem interested but a couple of months ago they got back to me asking me if I was still interested in doing the sales work for them. I said only if we can offer the cusomer a fantastic deal...... he said he will give the rugs at cost less 50%! Now we are talking. I am going to do it as a B to B business. Basically I have the keys to the warehouses of the best rug makers in India which makes them amongst the best rug makers in the world !! It is an exciting prospect. I am going to put up a website as a shop window and deliver door to door. The site should be up in September as there is alot of photographic work that needs to be done first. Wish me luck.

Otherwise the summer here in India has been blistering. The monsoons are late which has compounded things. The kids and I have spent lots of time going to the cinema watching movies. In the last couple of weeks we have seen...... Star Trek, Wolverine and Terminator Salvation. All were good but I would say that Star Trek was particularly good. I have to also add that the cinemas here are just fantastic. the seats are most comfortable there is loads of legroom the seat will cost no more than GBP2.50 popcorn around GBP1.20. If you should be feeling extravagant you could go for gold class were the seats are just like business class seats with chairside service , blankets and such like for around GBP4.00. during the week ! end this entry below is a photo of Roochi, Natasha, Nikhil, me and my aunt in Mumbai on the waterfront. We had a great time going to Mumbai and Pune and hope to get back there again some time in the future.