Tuesday, October 31, 2006

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Jodhpur Pics

Saturday, October 21, 2006

It's Diwali !!! AND Eid !!


Diwali and Eid together in Delhi. Bloomin' 'ek it is buzzing like mad here. The roads are packed all the time the shops are doing a roaring trade, everyone is visiting everyone. It is so difficult to tell you what it is like.

We went to Chandni Chowk yesterday which is just near Lal Qila and is where the Jama Masjid is. A heavy muslim population is here and as it is Ramadan the nights here are alive. The smell of the lamb and spices that has been cooking all day called Nahari just makes your mouth water. We settled down into a well known eatery there called Karim's and enjoyed a feast of meats the taste of which you simply cannot get anywhere else ..... that I have been anyway.

Above is a scene from there ... this was taken at 1 am !! we walked for about 3 km after our meal and the crowds did not lighten anywhere along our route. Amazing.

Wishing you all a very very Happy Diwali and a Happy New Year

Peace and Love

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I don't believe it.

It has already been 1 year since we moved to India. I think this has been the fastest year of my life !?!?

Peace and Love

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

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Peace and Love

Time Flies

I cannot believe it is already over 10 days since I last posted. Mind you myself and the family have just got back from a short holiday in Shimla. We had a lovely time there. People in Delhi were warning us that it is overcrowded and spoiled now. I suppose they were trying to tell me it was a little like Margate except this one is in the hills. We did alot of driving around and were in awe at the natural beauty of the landscapes in Shimla and the surrounds. Photos do not do it justice but here is a couple that might give you an idea. We stayed at the Oberoi Cecil which was the first Hotel to be founded in the Oberoi empire. Very Regal it was too. I managed to scout a great deal for this unashamed luxury. For 2 rooms for 2 nights (which of course meant that the kids had there own room Wooo Hoooo ;)) was Rs 12500 or about £145.00. Now that is a deal.

As you can see a great time was had. Nikhil really took to horse riding so I reckon I may have a future polo champ on my hands... he cannot wait to get back on a horse;))

I hope you are all well

Peace and Love