Monday, April 12, 2010

Bollywood Beckons

I am telling you .... we rocked. The dance was brilliant. Apart from me messing up the first few steps ;) It was the most fun I have had in ages.

So that bit is over and it is well and truely back to the grind. Have to go to Mumbai in a couple of weeks and maybe Hyderabad before that. The word of TePe is spreading and our client base is ever growing. How to keep track of it all is a problem. I was going through some paperwork today and noticed that we had not been in touch with a couple of dentists for 4 months. They bought from us and liked the stuff but they are too busy to go out of their way to contact us.... we have to contact them. I have worked out that we need 4 interactions with a customer before we are able to secure orders. I tell you what though..... there are some really smart surgeries here in India. If you fancy seeing one go here . It is a swish place and run by a very elegant lady. She has just started to order from us. Hopefully it will be a long and fruitful relationship.

I Will try and get a copy of the dance. I know it was recorded somewhere. This could be one for Youtube ;)

Peace and Love