Thursday, November 10, 2011

Not So Sure....

There I was eating my frozen yogurt with Natasha and Nikhil on a mezzanine floor of the DLF Promenade mall in Vasant Kunj.. (Our local mall) looking down on the shops. Everything has become so expensive since we got here 6 years ago. Now I don't think I mind that if the quality has also got better but unfortunately I don't think it has. I went into one of the shoe shops in DLF Promenade recently. The shop was fanastically decked out and very large also. The shoe designs were varied and pretty good. So good I picked one out to try on. The design is a classic lace up ankle high boot type shoe. The price for this pair of shoes was Rs 8000 that is over 100 British pounds....In India.!!! I am willing to pay that much if the shoes are comfortable. I tried them on and they were most uncomfortable! These must have been amongst the worst/cheapest made shoes I have ever tried. I asked the store staff where the shoes were made and they said "China".!

So this is what appears to be happening in this instance..... Make the shop look great so that passers by think they are walking into a western shop. Make the designs good also......but..... make them as cheap as you can and sell them for as much as you can!! A classic rip off in other words. There seem to be a few people falling for this nonsense.... Happily though, today, while eating my frozen yogurt (yummy it was too ;) I did not see a single person walk into that shop. I do hope that they have been runmbled :)

Below is a photo of Nikhil tucking into some quite sizeable prawns in Goa.....

It's a hard life !

Peace and love