Sunday, June 03, 2007

45 !

It is hot man !!! Yesterday and today the temperature hit 45 degrees c. If you have ever wanted to find out what it is like to be a donner kebab being cooked on that rotating thing then come to Delhi. I felt like I was being roasted !!

Nikhil and Natasha have been learning how to play Monopoly in readiness for their London trip. Nikhil has taken to it really well. He hates losing thats for sure. The problem with playing monopoly in this heat is that all the money flies around as you have to have the fan on. I now have a new use for my mobile phone.... that is to make sure all the money that goes on the middle of the board ( the money you can win if you land on free parking ) does not fly away. It all sits under my phone. :))

Saw Pirates 3 yesterday. To be honest I found it lacking in the interest department. I nearly fell asleep in the first half and I never fall asleep in films. Still the kids seem to enjoy it ..... even that rather surreal bit when Jack Sparrow was in Davy Jones's locker.

Peace and Love