Monday, September 11, 2006

9/11...What else...11/9 perhaps ?!!

Today sees 3 very significant anniversaries, all of which hold great importance to me personally.

The one that is obvious to all is that terrible day 5 years ago. Everyone in the world knows what happened that day. Just under 3000 innocent lives lost.

The second anniversary is that of Satyagraha : the art/practice of non violent protest. Satyagraha was born this day 100 years ago and was started by a man the whole world should know. Mahatma Gandhi. It could and should be argued that the number of lives saved by Satyagraha throughout the world means that today should have been a day of celebration. Why do we dwell and stew over events that have darkened the history of mankind, when we should be looking to the light that Mahatma Gandhi and the 2 other great icons of peaceful protest, Nelson Mandela and Martin Luther King have given to us. Unfortunately it is again, a sign of the times where revenge is actually the reason for actions taken, although it is hidden under a veil of righteousness.

Although I do mourn for the innocents, I am also celebrating today. The fact that men of calibre and will such as Gandhi, Mandela and King have even existed is cause for celebration.

The third anniversary is that of my mother and father. This day 39 years ago they were married. No, they did not hang around as I have just turned 38 :)) Mum, Dad very many happy returns for your day. I am thinking of you.

Peace and love

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Revenge is mine :))

And boy does it taste sweet :) For those of you who may have read about the thrashing that I was on the receiving end of in squash back in June...... well hehehe I played that very same chap today...... Yes I thrashed him. In his defence he had lost a great deal of fitmess during the summer but I still think I am perfectly within my rights to gloat a little. The fact that I have put this on my blog for the world to see should they wish too may seem to some not to be gloating a little.....hehehe.
I hope you are all well wherever you are... and thankyou, Bobby for you birthday wishes.

Peace and love

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Back In Delhi

Corrr. It has been a long time that I have been away. Thank goodness I am back in Delhi. I need some RnR. They say that a man thinks of sex every 6 seconds.......that may well be true but I can tell you that all that consumed me towards the end of my stint in London was being back with Natasha and Nikhil and Roochi. This was the longest time I had spent apart from my family. Roochi dealt with it very well and used the time to make a few changes in the house like getting a new garden terrace built so that we can have winter bbq's. Lovely :)

Peace and Love