Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have been revisiting some old.....really old tunes recently.
The Louis and Ella Duets in particular. The Nearness of You has to be one of the most romantic songs of all time. My hair went on end when I heard it again. Have recommended to Natasha that she puts the whole album on her MP3 player. Also the Prince album "When Doves Cry" If I remember rightly that album is about 26 years old !!
It does of course mean that I really need to buy some new stuff........... :)
Peace and Love

Friday, March 20, 2009

Just pondering

Again it has been a while since the last post. I am always thinking about things while I am here in India but never seem to put them down on the blog.
I have had a few experiences recently that have made me think that really we, mankind, have gone in the wrong direction when it come to how things are done.....on the other hand it is so refreshing to hear Barack Obama actually stating this. It is by constantly hammering away that things can change.
I was recently in the offices of the DDA or the Delhi Development Authority. I was there with my father in law Dharam Vir Mallick as a witness to the handing over of the freehold of one of his properties. (DDA handing it to him !) The process was long and corrupt. There were many layers of vetting going on. These layers were to firstly check that all the paperwork was in order. Secondly these layers of people were there to assess how much bribe money can be extracted from the applicant. In this case my father in law. They unashamedly ask who the agent is who arranged the freehold as that agent has to pay the officials in the DDA. If you do not make this payment then the process of getting the freehold is long and tiresome. This payment of course being the bribe. So my poor father in law who is 72 years old was made to wait for the whole days while questions were asked and assessments made. There is a lack of seating so he could not always sit. Just when we thought the process was over I noticed someone else picking up the paperwork and taking it away. I questioned him and he then and there asked for more money before the paperwork would be sent. We explained that we had already paid but they had obviously looked at us and decided that they wanted more. We were now in a situation. I was ready to deck the guy but then I would have got arrested as there are an inordinate amount of police in this office.... no doubt they are there to protect the officials who in turn pay them a bit on the side also. The common man does not stand a chance. It is a criminal enterprise that is going on in this place. They are nothing short of a mafia. An official mafia. They had absolutely no compunction about asking this tired 72 year old who had done and paid for everything they had asked for even more money and openly said that he would not get the paperwork should he not pay the extra !!! BASTARDS. Anyone from that place reading this should realise that you are a shameful bunch of scabs on the face of humanity.
Well.......at least I have got that one out of the way:))
Back to the wankers now... oh sorry I mean bankers of course :)) And yes they are still trying it on. Even though they have now got yours and my money to help prop up their failing businesses they are still paying themselves stupid amounts of bonuses and pensions. With our bloody money ! I just find it incredible. Let me put my own very simple persective on this. I run a car making business ... for example. I have borrowed billions which I now cannot pay back. I then ask the government to give me money which they do. In the mean time I lay off lots of hard working low paid staff and then pay myself millions and then bugger off !!! That is about the sum of it. Eh Mr RBS that is about the sum of it isn't it.
Good... another one off my back.
Had a storming day on monday at the Neemrana Fort. There is a zipwire set up there. Have a look at www.flyingfox.asia will tell you more later.
Peace and Love