Sunday, May 28, 2006

The Shutout :(

I have managed to find a regular squash partner in Delhi at last. Sarvjit Dhillon (Sarv for short) he is the dad of one of Nikhils friends at school. We are quite well matched but he has the slight upper hand as he has a couple of great killer shots. Our matches, if best of 7 will be 4-3 to him or 5-2 to him. best of 5 would normally be 3-2. BUT, yesterday I was feeling good..... he had been out on the liquor the night before and not feeling well. I offered not to play as I did not want any excuses for his first loss against me. " No " he said I wanna play. Cool I thought. We got onto the court and played. What happened next was totally demoralizing. He beat me 5-0 !!! F*!K, S**T, B!$%&*KS, W*&K. I cannot explain what happened, I reckon I just got complacent. In at least 3 games I was 5 or 6 points in the lead and I have a tendency to try and catch a breather before trying to finish off.....big mistake....I should have, at that moment.....sueezed harder to finish him off. The fact is I didn't. To give the respect due to Sarv I am not sure that if I had squeezed harder I would have won. I cannot leave Delhi now until I have had a chance at retribution.
Sarv WATCH OUT :)))

Peace and Love and War...(on the squash court that is ;)

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

World Cup

It is fast approaching. The best sporting tournament in the world. There is no better simple pleasure than to meet up with the guys .....crack open a few cans of beer ( actually in my case it is going to have to be a couple of bottles of wine as I am trying to keep off the beer for fear of the dreaded beer belly :) and watch some special football. I cannot wait to see how the African nations will get on this time round.... I think they will surprise. Alot of people reckon that England have their best chance to win it this time round.... I am not so sure. Of course I shall be cheering them on ....but who can resist the spectacle of Brazil...I know I cannot. Enjoy it :))

Much Peace and Much Love

I knew it

Thats it. Crystal Palace are officially a championship team for the next few seasons. Dowie the most inspirational manager we have had in years has gone. Andy Johnson (Gawd bless 'im) is probably off to Wigan. So the end result is that the 2 most inspirational people of this era in the life and times of Crystal Palace football club have gone........ BUGGER !!!!! Still at least we can have another crack at the Baggies eh ! ;)

I bloody had to sack the driver today aswell. I am not often put in this situation, but the fact is he has a wife who is pregnant and yet he still could not help himself and tried to have it away with my maid !!! It just does not say much about his character. So to be honest with you it was not difficult to do the deed. I think it is the first time I have ever sacked anyone.....I think.

Peace and Love ?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Simple Pleasures.

One of the things that being in India had helped me to do is to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. I will give you an example. In this heat ( it is hot! ) The feeling I get walking around the house in bare feet on the cool marble floor is delightful. It helps to cool my whole body without being artificial like an air conditioner is. It is a simple pleasure. I am told however that in some parts of India even the stone floor is heating up to the extent that you cannot even walk on it. The only way to cool it down is to splash cold water over it.......but then you are at risk of slipping. What to do eh :)
Anyway below is a photo of Natasha just before she got up on stage at school to perform a dance routine. I think she looks reasonably cool about it :)

Peace and Love

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

My Dad

I almost forgot to post this picture. It is of my father. I met him in Mumbai over the weekend..... we were attending the wedding of one of my cousins.. Akshay.
I like the photo alot as it reflects the fact that he is enjoying live and looks good for it.
Love ya Dad :))

Peace and Love

Nikhil's Birthday

I cannot believe it.....Nikhil is already seven years old. ! We all went to a place called Nirula's. I think most Indians have heard if it. It is a place where you can order Tandoori chicken or a hamburger or a pizza all off the same menu. There are several in India but there is only one branch that serves beer. So obviously that is the one I booked for Nikhil's birthday. The picture below shows you how well he looks. Alot of people have commented that Nikhil looks much healthier here in India than he ever did in the UK.
Natasha however is still strong and always has been.
By the way... I have at last found a good Yoga teacher. He now comes and teaches us as a family 3 times a week. I can do a pretty good headstand now and can also do a convincing plough. If this is all double dutch to you don't worry I will show you when I see you :)))