Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Here I am again !!

Yet again I should say. Bloody hell if I leave it any longer to write something hell might even start to freeze over. 2 months ..... 2 months to write .... and I haven't even been working ! Thanks for your mail Sheel ;)

Talking of hell freezing over. The weather in Delhi has turned distinctly weird. The temperature outside today at 11am was about 28 degrees centigrade. Thats a good 8 degrees below what it would normally be. Last year at this time it was about 43 degrees ! It is really nice. Not too hot ... not too cold.

India still surprises me........ take today for example. I had to attend a cremation ( no one close but needed to be there ). Normally in the UK if attending any funeral generally, there would be a formal but subdued atmosphere (Of course you say !! ) there is too in India. The difference being that in England if your mobile goes off in the middle of the proceedings you will get everyone turning and giving you the look of death. Today however in Delhi..... there were about 4 or 5 different mobile phones that went off and nobody batted an eyelid ( not my mobile I would hasten to add !). I like that.... I even found it amusing as one of the ringtones sounded like the theme to the Mario Brothers nintendo game :)) Imagine ... just as the body was being pushed into the fire and some prayers were being said.... the theme tune to the mario brothers went off. To me you can only smile at that sort of thing as there is no point in losing it with that person and upsetting yourself and maybe several other people too !
Sorry if this posting was not to your taste but I had to share it with you.

Peace and Love