Saturday, September 22, 2007

Always good !!

The Supperclub in Amsterdam....

I am always impressed how every year we visit the supperclub seems to maintain its "je ne sais quoi".

The guys and I have been going for several years now and although quite costly (as we always manage to imbibe an inordinate amount of alcohol!) is worth it (Just !) Atmosphere, music and quality of food is the order of the day. Couple of pics to try to give you an idea of the feel of the place.

All in all another successful tour. I feel that I should have been up in the morning a bit earlier to keep up with the likes of Bobby and Baggie who really did fly the Baggie and Lucy getting married flag on the last day by having about 8 pints before lunch. Boys I salute you !!
While writing this I found a few tunes on the computer that I am listening too. "She Sells Sanctuary" The Cure
"Gangsta Party " Tupac and Snoop.
"Lifes what you make it" Talk Talk.
Gonna miss the family when I am away. Am heading off to Dubai for 2 and a half weeks. Just as well I have had a few drinks. :)) This particular entry seems to have alot of references to alcohol :)))
Respect to The Dam Gang !
Peace and Love to all

Monday, September 17, 2007

It is online at last. What should have taken 2 weeks has ended up taking 3 months !!!! This is India you know :))

All of Roochis hard work is now coming to fruition. I had a hard morning toiling away too. I had to dress up a mannequin in saucy lingerie and take pictures of it !! It is so that we can keep adding to the pictures available on the site. Honest !
Now.... we do not have a studio at home. The best place for lighting is out on the terrace. I did let my concerns be known to Rooch that the neighbours might see and all that. She just wanted the job done and that was that. I was out on the terrace dressing the mannequin in different lingerie and snapping pictures. If anyone did see they would have wondered what kind of a weird fetish dungeon we run in our house. :))

Check out the site and give me some feedback. We have not started to sell yet as we are now gearing up for a marketing campaign which should kick things off nicely.


Peace and Love

Friday, September 14, 2007


It is a habit Jay ! Like all good habits they are so difficult to nurture and keep..... and oh so easy to stop and just let go of. Bad habits on the other hand....I like those. Easy to start and very hard to break. Smoking for example. Drinking for example. Here is a good one..... lazing around all day doing absolutely nothing that remotely relates to being constructive in any shape or form. Now that one does not even need nurturing !!! I took to that one like a fish to water

It is like the battle between good and bad within you. You know you should be doing it.....but can you be arsed ???? The Darth Vadar in me has meant that I have not written this blog in 2 months or so. It is the Aragorn in me that has made me get to it at last !!!

Anyway I shall certainly be attempting to get back on the blogging wagon again and with it I shall be posting a few pictures of the summer along the way. Enjoy !!!


Peace...... and Much Love

Thanks for nudging me Jay :))